January 24, 2012

Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!

Wow, Time flies so fast and many thing happened in 2011.

For us, 2011 has been roller coaster. Facing pregnancy, having a baby boy, parenting, the Indonesia's art issue, a lot of work for photo booth, Julius new position on work and the most exciting thing! Bex's painting becomes one from 40 finalist of The Sovereign Asian Art Prize. So, please my dear if you don't mind, take a little time to vote her work. Bex is Beatrix Hendriani. The only woman from Indonesia. Pleassee save Komodoo!!! Upsy, save Bex i mean, send her to Hong Kong pretty pleassseee...

This is the link to vote:


*to vote you have to sign up first by insert your email. Then they will send notification number to your email, sign in with your email to previous page copy paste the numbers , then click Vote. Thank you everybodeehhh!


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